A Funny Thing Happened at the Airport

Coming to Berlin was not in the plans per se.  I was cold, Magpie was so-so.  I wanted warmth but wanted to keep heading in a linear path.  Berlin was chosen because I was able to find a place to stay for two weeks the night before we had to leave. Stress much….well….

I forgot that I would be taking us farther north which meant colder weather, not that it is a true indicator of weather anymore, but still it was a good chance.  It was Easter and it was a good chance of nicer weather anyway.

I make our flight bookings – EasyJet this time – and we get to the airport fine.  At the airport we have to wait longer than normal to check in.  EasyJet was not being that easy.  We are concerned as we want to find some food before the flight as we are getting into Berlin late.  The line is a mess with a flight that was delayed and ours being mixed together.  People at one point are being turned away to wait but then being told it is alright to get in line.  Nerves are being plucked.  Watching can be fun.

We finally make it to the front but time is running out for EasyJet when there is a complete ruckus at the counter and I mean a huge ruckus.  An Italian woman and the german stewardess/ticket lady are yelling at each other; yes yelling, with lots of hand gesturing too.  I can tell it is about luggage.  The italian lady has a wopper of an oversized and too heavy bag that she does not want to pay the hefty fees for. Of course the german EasyJet stewardess is following rules.

The italian lady leaves, not without some parting words, which sends our ticket lady to leave her post, just as we are suppose to check in.  This started another ruckus as everyone needed to check in or miss the flight. She eventually came back to her counter when the security showed up.

A ruckus does make for meeting people and we met a lovely gentleman who is heading back to Berlin where he lives.  I was surprised as his accent is american not german, but he also has a place in Naples and is fluent in german and italian.

We did manage to find some food – sushi of course, and Magpie struck up a conversation with the gentleman in the line up to board the plane.  It turns out he is an opera singer, instructor and has his own opera company in Berlin. He was quite helpful in giving tips and hailing a taxi for us, ensuring we arrived where we needed to be.

We did meet up again for sushi and raw desserts.  Experiencing the food varieties in Berlin with a native and finding out that they eat very similar to you and are interested in eating healthy is not a common occurrence.

Who would have thought that we would have made a friend from EasyJet messing up?  The world is an amazing place.


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