Follow my Magpie and I as we travel,  discovering the wonders of the world – absorbing the cultures, the friendships, the histories and the traditions. We also hope to encourage others to travel and know that it does not have to cost alot to do this.

As foodies we are also going to sample the local food to incorporate into our way of eating.  We have many allergies and follow the Feingold Diet – modified stage 2 – for those that know the diet.  We add an extra wrench to the diet by having to be vegan gluten free due to allergies.


Far more people are having to eat this way, whether by choice or not and we aim to show that it can be done.

We are passionate about photography and hope our pictures will bring you with us.

We are slow travellers, in order to take in as much as we want, without feeling overwhelmed and rushed.

We travel in a way that is not necessarily the cheapest, nor most expensive, we travel that fits us and where we are going.

Schooling happens through instruction, hands on learning and the weaving of stories of the histories we discover.

It is a joy to watch and learn.

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