Challenges of the Chinese Visa

When we were deciding on where we wanted to go, the Great Wall of China was a must for both of us.  Lots of research was done trying to determine how to get the chinese visa. After taking in account of what has to say, I went to facebook and asked travellers who had just been the scoop.  Everyone stated that you could get a visa in 3 days in Hong Kong.

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When a Picture Comes to Life – the Golden Pavilion

The Golden Pavilion

We managed to find an apartment with a kitchen just north of Kyoto City, but still in Kyoto. Never really knowing just how far you are until you actually have your feet on the ground, your booking is always unsure. As it turned out the apartment was incredible small, but this is normal for Japan. Little furniture is normal too.

We always prefer to be walking distance from most things and take the subway or buses as needed. I knew, at booking, that we would be approx 30 mins walking from the “Golden Pavilion”. The official name is Kinkakuji-shi Temple.

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