The Berlin Wall Memorial and Museum

The Berlin wall was the key point for coming here, along with hearing how progressive the city was for foodies, especially vegans. We were not disappointed with either.

First the Berlin wall.  I was living in Hugelsheim, Germany when the wall came down.  I never did make it to Berlin before the wall came down or just after.  I do remember how the big thing was to have a piece of the wall.

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Brandenburg Gate a long walk

Whenever we land in a new place we both decide what we want to see and do and then I plan the time from there.  For Berlin, Magpie wanted to see the Brandenburg Gate.  It was the first “site” we went too.

I prefer walking everywhere or if we have to we take the local bus. The walk was approximately a half hour from our apartment in East Berlin to the Brandenburg Gate.  On the way we did window shopping.  We found lots of vegan restaurants which was great and book stores – english books.  It was a sidewalk sale and the books were english.  Both Magpie and I found some books.  Usually I just read whatever books Magpie gets.  We carry onto the Gate.

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A Funny Thing Happened at the Airport

Coming to Berlin was not in the plans per se.  I was cold, Magpie was so-so.  I wanted warmth but wanted to keep heading in a linear path.  Berlin was chosen because I was able to find a place to stay for two weeks the night before we had to leave. Stress much….well….

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Potsdam – The Accord and many Castles

Going to Potsdam was another must.  We were recommended to go before we had even arrived in Germany.

I waited until near the end of the stay, watching the weather, always watching the weather, to go. I had no idea that Potsdam is really part of Berlin – albeit the outskirts, but it is quite easy to get to on the train.

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