Hercoleum the City Everyone Forgets

I had never heard of Hercoleum nor do I ever remember it being mentioned in school when the eruption of Pompeii was discussed.  I do remember the description of Pompeii and what was found, but not of Hercoleum, but my son did, from reading.  Yeah reading!

Needless to say it was a must when we came to Italy.  It is actually quite an interesting little town.

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Experiencing Pompeii and the power of Mt. Vesuvius

Seeing Pompeii was a must for Magpie.  We had read about them, so experiencing was the next step.  It is always very interesting to see the sites from other people’s interpretations whether it be music, stories or art.

Naples was the base camp for us. As it turned out, we were walking distance to the train station and market.  Unfortunately for us, the apartment was on the top floor, 6th, with no elevators.  It was  a square staircase that opened into a communal courtyard.  It was a great location and quite safe.

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