Ballestas Islands – Peru’s Galapagos

Thanks to Olga again we all get up early for Ballestas Islands and Paracas Nature Reserve for the afternoon. There were people just going to bed after partying, the streets were a mess and places were opening.  What a paradox!

We take a bus into Paracas one hour away and Magpie gets a little more sleep. When we arrive at the pier many people are trying to sell us hats.  I figure it is for the sun and being on the water. I soon learn that it is for the number of birds and possible droppings.

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Sand Boarding in the Oasis total Fun!

We spent the day checking out the Oasis and trying to relax. Magpie and I went for a paddle boat ride around the pond, which is no longer totally natural. We met Olga after lunch at the hotel’s pool. Magpie and Olga played water basketball.

In the morning, Aaron made arrangements with the hostel we did not stay in to go dune buggy riding and sand boarding, for sunset. Aaron was adamant that we have a certain driver.

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Petroglyphs and trying to get to an Oasis

Today we packed up and headed to the petroglyphs. Our packs are in the trunk of Raul’s car and we picked up Olga. We are all heading to Huancachina – the Oasis just outside Ica – this afternoon. It is warm and very bright. We drive for just over an hour but make a stop to see the prickly pear – known as tuna in South America – and the cochineal beatle that lives on them. This the beatle that provides the color to textiles and foods (Starbucks just removed this beatle from one of their products due to overwhelming “ick” sentiment). We also make a stop for the viewing tower for the geoglyphs of Palpa.

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