Condor’s Pass

We stop here on our way to Cabanaconde. It is only a certain time frame in the morning that you can see the Condor’s flying/gliding.

The lookout terrace is packed with people as there are special tours to come just here.

Colca canyon Condor's Pass

Condor flying in the pass

There are a lot of Condors – all ages – flying, more like gliding on the air currents.condor.detail












Sometimes the condors come in quite close for a buzz over the crowd. I would have liked to been able to lie down on the ground facing up to the sky to take some pictures.








Watching them, they are such majestic birds with the sun shining off their wings as they glide through a dark canyon or soar up to the moon.condor.moon












For close up pictures and more information about condors, can be found at the post Santuario Animal Cochahuasi and Heritage Centre

We really could have stayed here longer if allowed.  It was peaceful watching these birds in their setting.

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