All endorsements are from the heart and soul.  Nothing will ever be shady or fake.  It is not who we are or what we believe in.


How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World by Nora Dunn

Nora’s book gives you the low down very quickly and helped us get a housesit right away. Her book is packed with practical advice on how to make a high ticket item into a FREE ticket item.  This means much more money to travel with or it also means less money that you have to travel with, depending on your style.

It is broken down into the different types of accommodation and what you can expect. I needed this book a year ago but am glad to have it now.

She shows you the best way to get a housesit, boatsit, volunteering, home exchange etc. since you are competing with other people and first impressions do matter.

Whether you are a 2 week holiday to gap year, budget to money not a concern,  or single person to family, Nora has you covered.

This book will open doors to new possibilities.

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Tales of Trains: Where the Journey is the Destination by Nora Dunn                            

42,000 Kilometres.11 Countries.
44 Days.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. This is not a “how to” book but a bit of a journal or reflection of 3 major train trips she did.  Most people feel that spending an overnight on a train will be boring.  Nora thought it might be a possibility too. To know whether she thought it was, you will have to read the book.
Visualizing was very easy and helped me remember my memories of train travel.  Remembering that there is another way to travel, especially in Europe.Train travel can be economical, relaxing and easy with kids – not that Nora has kids.
Nora’s book has me encouraged about seeing the outback of Australia, India and many other places without having to rent or buy a car.


Travel Guides in South America

These are people that we have gone too during our travels and would recommend them to other travellers.

Peruvian Colca Trails – Alfonso Urgate 218, Cercado, Arequipa, Peru  – contact  Andres Mamani

LAN – we used LAN airlines to book everything in Easter Island as they are the only airline that flies to the island

Galapagos Alternative – info@galapagosalternative.com – contact Jill Blythe

I cannot say enough about working with this tour group.  We had a fabulous time.  Our food was great and plentiful and no issues.  Our activities were so much fun and our accommodations were perfect.  The people were wonderful and Magpie had a memorable  time.

Mundo Antiga – When we lived in Cusco we took our spanish lessons here, we also rented our apartment from them and they also do higher end travel arrangements – not backpackers per se – contact Rik or Norma


Tan Pride Safaris – I will not link to them as I would not recommend them.  We approved an itinerary that was not followed and it was a battle from the start.  We lost out on some aspects of our trip that left a bad taste in our mouths.  Our food was passable and in some cases we were left hungry.  Our accommodations was not consistent and overall was so-so. It was a media trip that made no sense at all.  We would love to have a great safari that we could promote to others.  We lost out flying over the migration and many many photography opportunities because of poor planning on their part.



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