Hanging on the Cliffs

I was watching the weather to make sure we had good weather since the trip would go rain or shine.  There was no way I wanted to get there and find it was raining.  There was always the chance but luckily you could wait until the day before to book a trip.

We had great weather and the Cliffs were overrun with people.  The interpretive center reminded me of a hobbit house the way it was built into the side of the hill. It is a good size building with a two floors with a restaurant being on the second floor all within a hill.



There are many legends that involve the Cliffs giving it a long history.  The Cliffs have been used in many movies including Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  To learn more, including what scene for Harry Potter the Cliffs of Moher site will help.



We first went up to the lookout tower – O’Brien’s.  It was not that high but it did give a good view of the cliffs.  At their highest point they are 702 ft and run for 8 kms.  The cliffs are on the Atlantic side where the signs are gaelic first and english second.



Technically you are not to get too close to the edge anymore, but the deterrent is just a very simple fence.  Needless to say they are not much of a deterrent.  Too many people and too many people wanting that “perfect picture” without people.



Looking out you watch the waves crash upon the Cliffs and see isolated pillars where the wave action has eroded them from the main island.  You smell the air with a taste of salt and the aroma of fresh fish.  You hear the gulls and other birds squawking and see them flying in and out of the cliffs where they have their nests.  You feel absolute stillness and feel the tranquility of the area. I do wish I could have been in a boat at the bottom looking up.  What a view and so so different.



















For kids it was a great area to run around.  We did find a path that is a long distance walking path connecting the Cliffs to other towns.  One day it would be fun to take a hike like that.



















As with all tours we had other stops.  These tours are fine for most people in respect to food as they always stop somewhere for lunch.  People with allergies can run into difficulties we have found.  We just always pack our lunch and for these tours we have been packing all three meals.  They are long days but fun days.



















After the Cliffs we went to the town of Galway.  A very small quaint fishing town.  We walked around town and watched a boat be put back into the water.

On the ride back we watched the clouds and named the shapes we saw.


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