The word nourishment can mean many things but for now we are going to deal with the food side.  As a holistic nutritionist, herbalist and a raw chef, I have a fair understanding of what is good nourishment and what is poor.

I am not the final say and no one will be.  We are forever evolving and absolutely everything we read, hear and see is an interpretation.  This interpretation or opinion, if I may, becomes a fact when it is repeated and recorded many times over that people forget where it actually came from.

As someone who does read the peer review reports from the plethora of medical journals, I have seen that it is possible to substantiate both sides of an argument with these reports. Now you may be wondering how this is possible.  Well considering what has been happening in the news the past decade on the roller coaster ride of what was once good for us but is now not, you begin to understand.  There are many aspects to look for when reading these reports before you can start to form your opinion.  You see how I went to opinion again.  Everything we do is based on our opinion of something we had heard, read or saw.  Some people will resonate with others and some will not.

Back to nourishment.  In my family there are many different illnesses and allergies that shape what we can and cannot eat for our health.  The biggies for my son and I are dairy (including goats), gluten, wheat (yes there is a difference) and eggs (all birds).  We also have some minor ones that can affect us too.  People reading this or when they are told are aghast and wonder what can we eat.  I thought the same but my first thought was it could have been worst.

To initially wrap your head around this is mind boggling but in actuality it is not.  Unfortunately for us we have become outcasts in a way because of how we eat.  Some people have embraced us, some have shunned us and some have put up a barrier in that we can not partake in social custom of sharing a meal with them because it is not how they want it.  Yes it hurts but ultimately it speaks more about them than us.

What it comes down to is we eat a vegan gluten free diet.  In most cases we do not eat meat as we don’t really want too and depending on where we are and how the animals were raised, they are allergic to us too.  If an animal eats your allergens the proteins in the allergens are still in the meat that you eat.  I have had clients have reactions to the meat they eat because the animals were fed corn, soy, wheat etc.

As we travel around the world learning the different cultures and their foods we navigate with our allergies in mind.  We have not had a problem and I do not for see a problem.  We may be limited in some of the snacks and “special” foods we like but we do not ever go hungry.

We are foodies and love to learn new recipes and eat new foods.  We prefer fresh fruits and vegetables but have always eaten a little bit of cooked food since we love our beans.  We have been high raw for 5 years now and prefer it over cooked.  We do notice the difference.

What I have learned and expound is that we are all unique and for someone to say this diet is the best or will do this has blinders on.  We must all eat a least a 75% diet of raw foods – fresh vegetables (predominately dark greens), fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, seaweeds – and 25% cooked foods. If the cooked foods mean meat for you, then by all means eat your meat.  My recommendation though is to source the best meat – organic, grass free ranged, humanely treated.  I pass no judgement on what you choose to eat, ever. Please do not pass judgement on me.

I help people find the foods they like in a higher quality.  I look at recipes and revamp them to incorporate the best ingredients possible. I help tastebuds find new experiences with a wider variety of foods that are available.  I also try to keep the carbon footprint low.

There is a lot of misinformation out there due to many things.  I help navigate the misinformation and get to meet new people and taste new foods.

I will be adding different things as we go along.


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