Versailles the cheaper way

The Versaille Estate is an immense estate and was started by King Louis Xlll.  It was King Louis XlV who turned Versaille into the estate it is now and ensured that it would have a destiny.  From 1682 to 1789, Versailles was the seat of monarchy.  It is not too close to Paris but is not that far away either. Continue reading

The City of Love and their Padlock Bridges

Paris the city of love……. why is it the city of love?  What makes this city more romantic than any other?  I do not have the answer but we have seen one of the ways that Parisian’s express their love.

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Erstein a quaint sleepy town

Erstein is a small french town that is just across the river from Offenburg, Germany. Even closer to Lahr, Germany where my first son was born.  For twenty years I have wanted to come back.  The area has changed a lot, but that is to be expected in some cases.  Unfortunately for me, I feel that it is changing the wrong way.  It is losing its old world charm and becoming more like North America.  That is not what I want.

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Walking the Eiffel Tower

Navigating the metro in Paris is not hard once you get the hang of it and learn the detour route from the normal route.  Luckily French people are a lot nicer than they are made out to be.  Though we did have an interesting chat with a shop keeper who thinks French people are kinda snooty.  We have not found that.

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Galapagos the last 3 days – Las Tintoreras

 Day 6 – Bay Tour of Isabela (Las Tintoreras)

Today we are on a half day tour of the bay in the morning.  There is approx 16 of us on this site seeing boat.  We are touring around the bay where we see small penguins, blue footed boobies, sea lions playing.  We eventually land on a small island/land formation in the bay.  It is very hot as it is almost noon and there is no shade and the volcanic rock is pitch black.  There is a specific path you follow to tour around this formation.

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Galapagos – Day 5 – Isabela Island – Wall of Tears

Today we get up early again to move over to Isabela Island.  We say good bye to our hosts at Verde Azul and Rita.  Once again our rep from Galapagos Alternative is with us the whole way making sure we get to our boat.  As it turns out there are very few of us on the water taxi.  We have been hearing stories about how bumpy and how nauseating the ride can be.  We have been warned to stay near the engine and a window.  As it turns out we are first on the boat and are able to get a seat by a window.

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Galapagos – Day 4 – Charles Darwin Station

Today we were on our own, which means we were able to sleep in. We walk down to the Charles Darwin Station. It is not what you would expect as it is very simple with only one small museum building. The rest are different stages of nurseries for the tortoises and a couple pens for the land iguanas. In the afternoon we decide not to explore the Toruga Bay beach but to explore around the town. We are amazed at the number of marine iguanas we find in amongst the buildings on the coast. This whole town is along the coast, but it is the most marine iguanas we have seen yet.

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North Seymour Island, Bachas Beach, Galapagos – Day 3

Another early morning for us back to the Altamar for a new Island.  At least we know the boat and know the food will be good and plentiful.  Magpie is hoping for popcorn again for a snack.  Who knows….

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South Plaza Island, Galapagos…. I could get use to this.

We awake early ready to go. Breakfast is simple but we know we have snacks packed and are prepared for a so-so lunch – just in case.

Just about everything on this island involves travelling the length of the island back through the highlands which makes sleeping on the bus easy when it is early morning.

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