For four years Magpie has wanted to travel. Every time a place was seen, whether in a book or on the screen, Magpie would ask me if we could go there. I would always answer of course, one day.

The places Magpie wanted to go were on the other side of the world and I knew that preparation with smaller jaunts would help prepare. First we went to Disney world and I was shown that Magpie was a natural traveller. The next year, the trip was across the country involving jet lag. Again, Magpie did very well.

We have since been to Hawaii – leaving was very hard. Magpie did not want to leave. We have been to SE Asia for 3.5 months. We visited Bali which was Magpie’s obsession for 4 years. We discovered that our preference was Thailand over Bali – though we are definitely drawn to Ubud, but we definitely like the Thai beaches better than Bali beaches. After visiting Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia, we decided, while still in Asia, that we wanted to go to Peru and Machu Picchu. Magpie is drawn to all the temples and shows great respect for the customs and culture of the temples we have visited. Trust me when I say we have been in a lot!

We came back after 3.5 months and enjoyed seeing our friends again but, we wanted to travel and experience more, learn more. Magpie would rather travel than anything else… we started planning.

After traveling 3.5 months with four suitcases, we said never again. We have no intention of having checked luggage. We also have no intention of feeling the stress of feeling like we are missing something because of timelines. We are going to slow travel, relax, enjoy, learn and experience.

We are packing and purging and putting what really matters into small storage with friends. We are not saying good-bye as we are not moving somewhere else, we are just going to live our lives world learning at the moment. We have every intention of coming back, when, not sure because as Magpie told me a couple of years ago – “I cannot say whether or not I will like it until I go there”. A very wise Magpie.

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