Just in Time for Halloween – The Interesting and Disturbing Catacombs of Paris

I figured it was better to write about this trip just before Halloween.  According to Times Magazine the Catacombs of Paris are one of the top ten scary places to see. We can understand the why.

I don’t know if I would call it scary, but it is disturbing and it can be a trigger for some.

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Exploring Lima

After walking around the neighborhood we decided to catch a local bus to go to the historic district of Lima.  The bus cost us S/2.00 (approx. 66cents) for both of us.  It was an interesting ride.  There is the driver and the person who tells you the route.  This person is yelling out the window the route.  I explained that we wanted to go to Lima Centro and they knew which stop.  When we boarded there was a young man singing and playing the guitar.  He was pan handling but that is totally okay here.  When his number was finished and he collected his money he left the bus and someone else came on selling spanish books on the raw diet.  Our trip was approx 20 mins and then a couple blocks to the centre.

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