The Seven Explorers and horseback riding

Aku Avi

The Seven Explorers are the only maois that face towards the water.  These seven are considered the original explorer’s who found the island.  Who they actually are is not a definite.  Some say it is King Motu though no one really knows.

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Easter Island – Birdman Competition

Before the tribal wars but after the reign of the King Motu, it was decided on a yearly competition for leadership – the Birdman Journey.

Every year the  best warrior was chosen to represent his respective tribal chief. The priests, chiefs and chosen warriors would go to Orongo for the Birdman Competition – no children or women.

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The Heads of Rapa Nui – Easter Island

These heads are called Moai. They are representations of important ancestors of a tribe.

The people believed that the spirit (Mana) of the ancestor would be preserved in the Moai, as long as the eyes were there, and this would give the tribe strength and wisdom.

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